Most hundreds in International cricket career and Top 10 most hundreds batsman

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Most hundreds in international cricket career, most hundreds in ODI and Test cricket.

Top 10 most hundreds in international cricket career
Top 10 most hundreds

Every batsman has a dream to make hundred for his team or for his Record. There were so many international matches had played till now (approx 3000+ matches) and many batsman had scored hundreds. Most hundreds in international cricket career.

Following are the top 10 batsman who scored most hundreds in international cricket career.

(1) Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar is one of the finest batsman in the world. He is known as’ God of cricket’ and ‘master blaster’. He played 663 international matches (463 ODI matches and 200 Test matches) for the India. He was started his career in 1989 year and Retired in 2013. In his international cricket career, He made 34,357 Runs with the average of (48.52). I think sachin made separate Room for his awards and trophies because sachin got so many man of the match records. He holds most hundreds record. He made 100 centuries, which is unbreak (49 centuries in ODI and 51 in test). He smashed 9 century against Australia. Sachin Tendulkar’s Real life biopic movie is coming this year named Sachin: A Billion Dreams

(2) Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting is holding a second most highest hundreds. Ricky Ponting was a formal captain of Australia Team. He played international cricket for 17 years and made (27,483) Runs in 560 matches(668 innings) with the average of (45.95). He made 71 hundreds in his career. He was awarded with the ICC player of the year in 2006 and 2007. He made his Debut in 1995 and Retired in 2012.

(3) Kumar Sangakara

Sangakkara is one of the best wicket keeper for Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka won the T20 world cup in 2014 under the captaincy of K.Sangakara. Sangakara debute himself in international cricket in 2000 and retired in previous year 2015. He played 594 matches (666 innings) and scored (28,016) Runs with the Average rate of (46.77). He became second most Runner in the world after Sachin Tendulkar. Kumar Sangakara made 63 centuries [38 in Test cricket and remaining in OD].

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(4) Jacque kallis

Jacque kallis, The south African All Rounder mark himself in the list of most hundreds in international cricket on the fourth position. Jacque kallis is currently a coach of IPL venture team Kolkata Knight Riders. In his career, He made 62 Centuries and 149 Half centuries.
He played 519 matches and made (25,531) Runs with the Average of (49.10). Jacque kallis impressed us with his bowling also. He took 565 Wickets in his carrer.

(5) Mahela jaywardhaene

Another Sri Lankan batsman comes into the list of most hundreds in international cricket. He is Mahela jaywardhane. He played to many winning knock for his team Sri Lanka. Sangakkara and Mahela are best buddy in cricket as well as in real life also. both retired on same day, same match. Mahela made 54 centuries[34 in Test and 19 in ODI].

(6) Brain Lara

The Caribbean Cricket Legendary batsman Brain Lara is one of the best Test Batsman, we ever seen. How we forget 400* Runs knock played by Brain Lara. He made a Record Second most individual Runs in One inning. He played cricket for West Indies from 1990 to 2007 and scored (22,358) runs in 430 matches with the help of 53 centuries.

(7) Rahul Dravid

The wall of Indian cricket Team Rahul Dravid made 48 cecenturies [12 in ODI and 36 in Test] in 509 matches. Specially Rahul Dravid is known as ‘The wall’. He played too many great innings in test cricket. His highest score is 270 in Test cricket. Rahul made (24,208) Runs in his career in 605 innings with the average rate of (45.41). He dismissed 21 times for a duck.

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(8) Hashim Amla

Hashim mala can destroy bowling from start to end. Hashim amla managed to Reach seventh in the list of most hundreds in international cricket career. He scored (14,570) Runs in 260 matches with the Average of (49.55). His batting Average rate is highest than all Top 10 cricketer. He made 47 Centuries in his international cricket career. Hashim Amla’s highest score is 311*. He dismissed 12 times for a duck.

(9) AB de villiers

Cricket game changer AB de villiers is known as best captain, Best Batsman and Best T20 player. In IPL 2016, He made 687 Runs in just 16 matches. Recently, He and his best Buddy Virat Kohli made 229 Runs partnership in IPL 2016. It is a highest partnership in the History of T20 Cricket.
AB de villiers is debut in international cricket on 2004 and till now he scored (18,063) Runs in just 377 matches with the Average rate of (45.03). He made 45 Centuries to get listed in the ninth position.

(10) Sanath Jaysurya

Sri Lankan Legendary Left handed batsman Sanath Jaysurya is a 10th most hundreds in international cricket carrer. He played 586 matches and Scored (21,032) Runs with the help of 42 centuries and 103 Half centuries. He played too many winning knock for his team and his highest score is 340.

Above is a list of Most hundreds in international cricket career. In this List 2 batsman are from India, 3 Batsman from Sri Lanka and South Africa and 1 batsman from Australia and West Indies. These are the Top 10 most hundreds in international cricket career.

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